The Healing Room

We have seen the hand of the Lord supernaturally bring healing to people's bodies again and again. Some of healings that have occurred through our ministry are deafness healed, severe pain healed, legs lengthened (where one was shorter than the other), goiter disappeared, and many others.

We have helped many with mental disorders including anxiety, depression,
addiction, stress, hoarding, and  abuse. Through The Healing Room we offer
freedom ministries to help you have peace of mind, peace with people, and peace with God.

The Healing Room is available by appointment only on Saturdays in East El Paso.
To make an appointment please reach out at

What do you need prayer for?

There is nothing too big or too small for our God. I have seen the hand of the Lord show up for me personally again and again. One thing I've learned is that there may be problems that feel bigger than us. But there is no problem that is bigger than our family. Join with the family of God and lets partner with you to see breakthrough and the hand of the Lord in your life.

Reach out at and we would love to come to you or invite you to our healing room on Pellicano.

God Bless,

Pastors Adrian and Kayla Bill