Freedom Ranch 

To Harvest the nations 

Every tribe and every tongue.

In the spring of 2021 the Lord began to speak to us about drug and rehab ministry. We began to take steps toward it and saw the Lord do mighty works in the region. We began to ask ourselves the question, "How far will we let the word of the Lord carry us?" We stepped out in faith to purchase land near Hueco Tanks State Park. The Lord supernaturally provided 100% of the cost of the land. This year we are endeavoring to lay the foundation for our first 1500 square ft. building on this beautiful 5.2 acre property.

One of our desires is to reach the nations (ethos) of New Mexico and Chihuahua through drug and rehab freedom minsitries. Many of our Native American friends are battling drug and alcohol addiction and are in need of help. Our desire is to see the captive set free.
This ranch will also function as a Step 2  freedom school for the homeless
we reach in our region and training ground for our local church.

Pray about sowing into this project and let's transform our community!
Coming Soon!!